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Venture Partner

Abdo John Hajj

Abdo's investing career began in private equity consulting, working with firms such as Spell Capital Partners, Atar Capital, Tresalia Capital, and HIG Capital. He also began making angel investments in deep technology startups and assisting R&D spin-offs, including working with Hanyang University in South Korea on the development of Graphene fibers. In 2019, Abdo co-founded a rapidly growing tech-enabled stationery business with Michael Cameron Martin.

Later, as a Partner at Outlander VC, Abdo led investments in innovative companies like SpaceX, Stripe, Coco Robotics, Andela, and more, investing over $300 million across various strategies. Now, as a General Partner at Type One, Abdo is convinced that a new technological revolution led by space technology and deep tech will reshape our world and our understanding of humanity. He has dedicated his life to supporting the exploration of humanity in space. Abdo received his B.A. from the University of Southern California.

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